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The Related Legends Of Sachima

Publish tina On 2017-03-31

Serving a Manchuria general, surnamed Sa, like riding a horse hunting, and after each hunting will eat a little snack, can not repeat! Once a Sa general went out hunting, in particular, told the chef to "come to something new", if not make him satisfied, ready to go home to eat their own. Responsible for the snack of a cook, a missing, the stained with the egg dumplings broken. But when the generals and urged to snacks, cook a cursed one: "kill that riding!" Before they hurriedly put out the dim sum.
Imagine, Sa generals eat quite satisfied, he asked what the name of this snack. Cook immediately answer: "killing horse." Results Sa general heard "Sa riding", hence the name.
There is a friend who has done a few decades of snacks, want to create a new snack, and in another dessert egg powder was inspired, at first not named for this dessert, they can not wait to take the market to sell. But because of the rain, the old man went to the door of the house shelter. Unexpectedly, the owner of the family riding a horse back, and the man on the ground with a snack basket kicked to the road center, all reimbursed. Later, the old man to do the same snack to sell, the results of popular, then someone asked the name of the snack, he answered the "killing horse", and finally people will be the name of the "Satsuma."

The most reliable argument is that "Satsuma" is Manchu transliteration, in Manchu, "Sa its" is "Sa is right and wrong", "Malaben wall" of the pronunciation, with "cut" means, is Because "Sage" belongs to a "cut cake", plus "code" of the process, that is. Cut into cubes and then code up. This word was first seen in the Qing Dynasty Qianlong years Fu Huan and other editors of the "imperial system to increase the Qing Kam Kam." In the Manchu Dictionary, Sagi is a kind of sugar fruit made from flax and sugar (Chinese called gold cake). As the Chinese can not find the name, they will directly transliteration Manchu, so there will be "sand of the horse", "race of the horse" and so on.


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