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Peanut Brittle Molding Machine Quotation

Publish tina On 2017-03-31

The peanut brittle molding machine is mainly used for rice candy, sachima, nuts crisp, egg Shao crisp,corn crisp molding,the machine has a continuous feeding pre-tapping and multi-pressure roller roll flat,smooth surface,moderate density,uniform thickness.Frequency conversion technology,it is very easy to adjust the speed of work,the Ministry of action by the PLC control,coordination is precision,the apperance is good.
The machine is automatic leveling, leveling the density of moderate,uniform thickness; the use of frequency adjustment, and the size is precision,good square shape; machine continuous production,the middle without manual connection,it can achieve a truly automatic,intelligent operations.
Mechanical soft pressure, no damage to nuts particles, forming a more beautiful; direct molding, no rework costs and loss;
Machine are mechanical transmission, no air pump, positioning is very accurate; close with the mold, forming a good effect;
Configuration high-performance inverter, easy speed, high efficiency; stable performance, 24-hour high-speed continuous production;
Mold, hopper and other aspects have done anti-sticking treatment;
Since the cold transport links, you can change the length of the need, or install the cooling fan to improve the cooling effect.

peanut brittle molding machine

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