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The History Origin Of The Sesame Sugar

Publish tina On 2017-05-08

Legend has it that in the tang dynasty, changzhou began to produce a kind of sesame candy with caramel and sesame seeds.
It's called leprosy. By the end of the northern song dynasty, there was a lot of smoke and a heavy southern invasion. The king of kang zhao constructs from the jing shi bianliang south, the south of the south, the only compromise to sum, not want to recapture the northern territory. The people are very angry about that. At that time, a poem was written: "the outside of the hill, the outside of the hill, the west lake, when the song and song of the west lake, when the warm breezes of the people, the city of hangzhou as the bianzhou!" With discontent. Ordinary people in the area of changwu use another form of expression to express their desire to recover their lost ground. They changed the round ball of sugar into a cylindrical cylindrical shape to give the king an incentive to fight back. It is not known whether the kang wang was inspired or courageous, but the changzhou gingelly has since been made into a cylindrical shape.
It is also a day of folk worship in China. According to the folk legend, the Lord of the kitchen, on the 23rd day of the year of the twelfth month, will send the emperor to the jade emperor for his good and evil. As a result of this, the people were offered candy, water, beans and clover on the table in front of the king of the oven. Of these, the next three are the mounts for the king's ascension. At the time of the sacrifice, the sugar will be melted and painted on the lips of the kitchen master. In this way, he can't speak ill of the jade emperor. In addition, in the evening of the great New Year, the king of the stove will also have to celebrate the Chinese New Year with the gods, and there will be a ritual of "receiving the stove" and "receiving god" on that day. When the house was burnt, and the wine was three cups, and the kitchen god was sent away, it was the turn to worship the ancestor.
According to the folk legend, the kitchen master was a star in the sky, because he made a mistake, he was disgraced by the jade emperor to the world, and became the "east chef's life". It sits in the middle of the families of stoves, and looked at how people live, how to act, the good things are recorded in detail, the bad on the twelfth day turn heaven, the jade emperor child.when families of good and evil. On the thirtieth night of the twelfth month, we will return to the world, and we will be punished according to the will of the jade emperor.
So people in December 23, all want to people, and the king, sticky, sweet TangGua to stove, stick to the kitchen god on the mouth, let it "under heaven good, but it will hold and peace". Children regard the day as a prelude to the Spring Festival and a "rehearsal". At dusk, put up the firecrackers, in by the man in the home of the firecrackers TangGua a plate, a bowl of tea for in front of the stove king like, little candles and joss stick, salute to pray, the focal king like jie burn down from the wall, then spilled water on the powder, by TangGua children scrambled points of food.

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