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How Much You Know Peanut Red Skin?

Publish tina On 2017-05-09

Peanuts are recognized as a healthy food in the world, and in our country peanuts are considered one of the "top ten longevity foods". The Chinese traditional medicine thinks that the peanut is the function of mediating the spleen and stomach, filling the blood to stop the bleeding and lowering the fat. Among them, the effect of "blood on the blood" is mainly the red coat of peanuts. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine theory is that "spleen governs the blood", qi deficiency are easy to bleeding, peanut red it is able to fill the gas of the spleen and stomach, so can achieve the role of nourishing blood hemostasis, this in terms of traditional Chinese medicine called "air bleeding. Western medicine thinks, the peanut red can inhibit the dissolution of fibrin, increase the content of platelet, improve the quality of platelet, improve the defect of clotting factor, strengthen the function of blood capillary contraction, promote bone marrow hematopoietic function. Therefore, it is obvious that the diseases such as anemia and aplastic anemia caused by hemorrhage and hemorrhage are obviously effective.

Women should always eat peanuts "red". Female friends, especially in menstrual period, pregnancy, postpartum and lactation women should eat more, eat more, because the period of the female blood loss and more nutrition consumption, peanuts, red is very good for they keep blood, the blood tonic. In the meantime, the peanut is red with hair and hair. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, hair loss is the result of blood loss. And the peanut red blood, blood tonic, can make a person's hair more black and beautiful.

There are a few reports that "because of the effect of clotting, the peanut is not suitable for people with high viscosity, otherwise it can easily lead to blood clots." But it doesn't get most experts agree, most experts say that the red one can be prompted thrombopoiesis, it can avoid the platelet aggregation, to prevent the elderly's biggest killer, cardiovascular disease have certain effect. And the average person is peanut with red together to eat, peanut contains unsaturated fatty acid, has the function of reducing blood lipid and serum cholesterol may reduce the risk of deelopment of coronary artery disease, preventing platelet aggregation, prevent thrombosis.

Good food is not for everyone, and it is not "no no-no" for the elderly to eat peanuts. For example, some patients who are bruised and bruised are unfit to eat. The peanut red can stop the blood, promote the blood clotting, the damage, the blood stasis the person eats too much, can appear the blood bruising is difficult to disperse, aggravates the bruising. And the elderly digestive function is not good, "spleen weak loose stool," should not be eating peanuts, because is rich in oil, peanut has HuanXie effect, can aggravate diarrhea. In addition, because more peanuts contain fat, need more bile to help digest, so those who underwent gallbladder excision surgery or severe biliary disease in the elderly, unfavorable also eat peanuts.

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