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The Characteristics Of The Energy Bar

Publish tina On 2017-05-05

1. Heat: To Kang bit bar energy type, for example, an energy rod weight 50g, can provide more than 226kcal of heat. One piece of 50g heavy dark chocolate, can provide 220kcal calories, the same weight of milk chocolate, can provide 245kcal of heat. So it seems, in terms of heat, energy bar and chocolate is basically half a catty, comparable, tied into a tie. What is the heat of this more than 200 kcal? It is equivalent to 2 or two or two rice to provide the heat, can be used to boil 4 pounds of water, or to ensure that you walk 2 hours of heat required.
energy bar
2. Energy source: As we all know, the body has three major energy substances, respectively, carbohydrates (commonly known as sugar), protein and fat. Sugar is the most important and best quality material in the body. It is a small amount of oxygen consumption, metabolic end products for carbon dioxide and water, can reduce the sense of fatigue. Moreover, sugar is the only energy that the brain can use. Because only sugar can be successfully through the brain barrier into the brain tissue by brain cells. Brain energy supply is insufficient, it will produce a central fatigue. Each energy bar, the sugar content of 27.5g or more, the same weight of chocolate, sugar content of 26.5g or so, the two were essentially flat. But note that the total amount of sugar, although quite, but the type of sugar is very knowledgeable. The sugar in the chocolate is mainly sugar, it is a simple sugar, absorbed into the blood of the fast, but to maintain a short time. The energy bar in the sugar is monosaccharides, disaccharides and oligosaccharides from the scientific combination. Oligosaccharides are composed of 3-10 monosaccharides, which can sustain the gentle release of energy. So the energy bar can achieve rapid energy supply, but also to ensure continued energy, so energy relay, to maintain a stable blood sugar levels, enhance athletic ability. In this round, the energy bar reflects the technological advantages, better.
3. fat content: a lot of female friends are "talking fat change", the fat is always "at arm's length". The reason is simple, fat intake is too high, it will hoard in the body caused by obesity. At the same time there is no scruples on obesity friends need to pay attention to is that fat is not the best energy in the process of moving substances. Because fat for energy, are produced by acidic metabolites. While the body in the case of exercise, their body fluids is acidified. Acid metabolites can only be more heavy burden on the body, so that the body's fatigue increased. In terms of energy bars and chocolates, the fat content of each energy bar is below 10g, and each 50g chocolate fat content is about 20g. Therefore, the energy bar is favored by many women with high energy and low fat. In contrast, energy bars are more advantageous for maintaining energy supply during the movement and delaying fatigue.
4. Vitamins: vitamins for maintaining the normal physiological function of the body has a very important role. And the movement of energy metabolism is closely related to B vitamins, especially VitB1 and VitB2. They are an indispensable part of the three major metabolites of energy supply, but in the diet, people tend to lack intake. Because cereals are an important source of these vitamins, finishing can make these vitamins greatly lost. Chocolate B vitamins in the content of little, and the energy bar in the special addition of VitB1 and VitB2, to promote the movement of energy during the process. Energy bar is designed for sports people tailored, which can be seen.

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