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Peanut Peeling Machine Cost

Publish tina On 2017-05-05

Peanut peeling machine is mainly used for blanched peanut, peanut milk, peanut particles such as peeling, before production is the essential equipment of blanched peanut production. After peeling peanuts don't broken, color and luster is white, the invariance of the protein. Our company can use more than one combination of peeling machine, can complete the feeding, peeling, skin absorption, picking, vacuuming, peeling quality meet export standards. The machine reasonable structure, stable running, long service life, to take off the net rate is high.

The machine adopts the roller differential rolling rub skin rubbing on peanut peeling, stable and reliable performance, long service life, good effect of peeling, the advantages of high productivity, good quality, and can be used more than one combination, suitable for processing all kinds of peanut peeling.

Peanut dry peeling machine adopt the working principle of the differential speed rolling friction drive in peanut after baking the moisture is less than five percent (to avoid burnt) when peeling, again through the sieve screening, inhale leather convulsions system, make the whole peanut kernels, half grain, broken horn apart, with stable performance, safe and reliable, high productivity, good effect of peel and lower half grain rate.

peanut peeling machine

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