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The Story About Turkish Soft Candy

Publish tina On 2017-06-02

"Adam's son," said the queen, after a short time, "it's a fool to drink nothing," and said, "what do you like best?"
"Turkish soft candy, your majesty." Edmond said.
And the queen being poured out from the bottle drop something drop to the snow, the ground immediately appeared a round box, tied in with a green ribbon, opened it, containing several pounds the best Turkish delight. Each piece was sweet and soft, and Edmund had never tasted anything better than it. He now feels very warm and comfortable.
While he was eating fudge, the queen asked him a lot of questions. Start, try to remember yourself, edmond spoke with his mouth full of things is not polite, but not how long he had clean forgotten, Wolf down to eat jelly. The more he ate, the more he wanted to eat, and no reason why the queen asked him so many questions. Finally, he told her all about: he has a brother and a sister and a younger sister, his sister also visited the Virginia, also met a god of agriculture and animal husbandry, in addition to their brother and sister four people, who did not know that California. The queen heard a brother and sister four people, they seem to feel particularly interested in, she repeatedly asked: "are you sure you just four people? The two sons of Adam and eve's two daughters, too much or too little?" Edmund's mouth was full of fudge, and he answered again and again, "yes, I have told you so." Now he forgot to call her "your majesty", but she didn't seem to care.
In the end, the Turkish delight was all finished, and Edmund looked at the empty box with his eyes dripping, and asked if he would like to ask him again. The queen is likely to know his thoughts. Because, edmond, although not speak, but she is very clear, the Turkish delight is a used black magic magnificent sugar, no matter what to eat, the more you have, the more you want, as long as you eat, he won't shut up, has been to eat until die. The queen didn't give him to eat, just said: "the son of Adam, how I want to be able to see your brother and sisters! Would you please bring them to me here?"

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