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How Make Peanut Candy?

Publish tina On 2017-06-06

Peanut candy is one of the favorite snacks of childhood, sweet and sweet. However, as it was too sweet, as it grew older, it gradually became more and more aware of the harm to the body and gradually alienated it.
But homemade candy is the wind, the more that I couldn't resist to try the peanut brittle, due to the lack of experience, is the first time to do owe a little bit of unfinished, when boil syrup has finished eating up slightly sticky, but it's quite a nice smell, and taste the same as a child, very sweet and delicious.
The recipe for peanut candy
1,Cooked peanuts
2,Sugar and malt sugar
3,Prepare the plastic wrap in the mould
4,Stir in corn oil and sugar, medium and medium heat
5,Slowly boil the sugar and make it brown
6,Pour in maltose
7,The little fire slowly boiled the syrup
8. Can often be stained with a little syrup with chopsticks into cold water, take out a moment in your mouth bite, if it is crisp, and non-stick teeth, explains syrup endure
9,When the syrup is cooked, pour into the peanut kernel (the fire can be slightly larger) and stir quickly and evenly
10,Mix well and then pour into the mold, wrap it in a plastic wrap and press the surface flat
11,Make a good shape and place the wrap and remove the plastic wrap
12,Take advantage of the warm heat to cut the peanut sugar into small pieces, and then eat it when it's cold. It's not as bad as the one you bought!
If you are the peanut candy manufacturer,you can use peanut candy making machine.the machine is more convenient.

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