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Sesame Candy Production Process

Publish tina On 2017-04-17

Sesame candy is the main raw material is selected rice, millet, barley, sesame seeds, strict selection of materials, well-made, many crafts, orderly chapter, each process should be just right, to grasp the heat. In the winter months, began to do the first step is to boil sugar thin, first selected barley with warm water soak for a week, the temperature control at 26-27 ℃, bubble out of barley, And then select the rice (or millet), the rice as steamed rice as steamed, and then mixed with barley dregs mixed well, into the tank, with boiling water poured for fermentation, two hours later, you can leach syrup The second step is to produce semi-finished products, the sugar will be diluted and then brewed, so thicken, made of sugar jelly, cooled to a certain temperature, and then processed into a semi-finished products; the third step processing products The The semi-finished products in the 30 ℃ high temperature processing room for beating, pumping, the system hole, each linen requirements 129 holes, and then covered with peeling sesame seeds, twisted into a twist-like, a little cool cool to become finished product of linen.

Sesame candy is a traditional product of our country,it have the unique flavor, eat crisp and sweet, not only children's favorite food, adults also like to eat. Sesame sugar processing method is simple, suitable for rural household production.

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