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Sesame Candy Machine Manufacturer

Publish tina On 2017-07-05

The sesame candy machine is the first choice for sesame crisp chip slicer, using two presses and all sesame seeds, with stable performance, reasonable structure, easy operation, easy maintenance and so on. Automatic packaging machine is mainly used for biscuits, bread, moon cakes, candy, eggs, sweet potato cake, caramel candy, daily necessities, metal parts, cardboard boxes or trays and other solid items.
1. High quality, the machine uses stainless steel 304, in line with food safety requirements.
2. The process is simple, only by the mixer, forming and cutting machine composition. Of course, if you need other machines, such as sugar cans, pillow packaging machine, we can provide.
3. Mixer is non-stick wall, stir evenly, non-stick pan
4. The machine is working automatically. Between the molding machine and the cutting machine, there will be a conveyor, making processing easier and easy to operate.
5. Product size adjustable. Our machine can customize the tray slot and tool distance to control the product size.
6. Automatic control reciprocating, smooth and smooth. Automatic dicer, a molding, product size, weight remains unchanged.
7. Nice, compact, durable.

sesame candy machine

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