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Rice Krispies Production Line china

Publish tina On 2017-03-07

The rice krispies production Line is used for making many kind of cereal bar such as puffed rice bar,puffed corn bar,puffed oats bar,puffed wheat bar and puffed millet bar.
This production line include cereal puffing machine,sugar cooking pot,mixing machine, molding machine and packing machine.
The cereal puffing machine Puffing time is about 20mins.One worker can operate two sets machine.
sugar cooking mainly is used for candy, rice crisp, beverage, pharmaceutical and other processing.
The mixing machine adopts far-infrared plate heat, heat uniform, fluoride nitrogen-treated barrel surface besmear not touch thrun coating, mixing the effect is much better. Equipped with automatic temperature control system, temperature regulation more convenient.
Molding machine use the transformation of different molds, can produce round, per rod, square and other shapes of wheat, rice, pass, egg sweet potato cakes, frozen swelled candy rice and pearl bar so on. 
The packing machine is mainly used for biscuits, bread, moon cake, candy, eggs, sweet potato cakes, caramel treats, daily necessities, hardware parts, cartons or pallets and other solid objects with the packaging rules. 

rice krispies production line

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