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How Make Sachima In Home?

Publish tina On 2017-03-06

1,The flour soda powder is mixed and sieved into the broken egg

2,rubbing into a moist dough. The dough is so sticky.

3,Sprinkle some corn starch on the surface of the dough so that it does not stick. The dough was allowed to stand for 15 minutes.

4,Sprinkle a little corn starch on the table and roll the restless dough into about 0.2 cm thick dough. (Dough too big to roll, can be divided into several copies)

5,Will roll a good piece of cut into thin strips.

6,cut the fine slices of some corn starch to prevent sticky together.

7,The pot into the amount of frying oil till 5 into the heat, the fine pieces into the pan to the shallow golden yellow can be.

8,All the fine pieces of fried spare. Fried works a bit huge, more patience just fine.

9,Then start syrup. Fine sugar, water, maltose into the pot, with a small fire to heat until the fine sugar dissolved, syrup appears small foam.

10,Continue to boil with a small fire until the syrup can pull out the state of the filament can be.

11,Will be fried embryo, cranberry crisp white sesame seeds together into the pot, stir quickly, so that the embryo evenly wrapped in syrup.

12,When hot, pour into the oil plate, with a shovel hard to calm, to be cut after the food can be cut.

If you want do sachima business. The way is slowly,and the output is less. You can use sachima production line.

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