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Peanut Brittle Production Line Factory China

Publish tina On 2017-04-12

The peanut brittle production line is mainly applied for peanut brittle,sesame brittle,sachima, rice candy, egg Shao crisp, corn crisp, melon seeds crisp, black rice crisp and other rectangular.

 The peanut brittle production line consist of peanut peeling machine,peanut roasting machine,sugar cooking pot,temperature control nonstick mixer,peanut brittle molding cutting machine,candy packing machine.

The peanut brittle molding cutting machine consist of the heating stirring, reciprocating planish, automatic cutting.the machine is simple operation, stir well finished product size and have gram is far infrared heating,it don't touch the barrel wall, stir well, non-stick pan.Automatic control reciprocating motion, pressure average level.the machine is automatic cutting the peanut brittle.and its product size, gram weight is same.

The machine has the advantages of simple operation, and it is easy to use.and it have large production, the length can be adjustable and so on.

peanut brittle production line

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