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Multifunctional Peanut Candy Bar Making Machine

Publish tina On 2017-10-11

This peanut candy bar making machine is suitable for flatting and cutting the peanut candy bar,muesli bar,sesame bar and so on.the machine is easy to operation.
The machine is automatic molding,and is mainly used for peanut brittle,sesame candy etc food processing.It is for cutting and molding the brittle.
1. frequency control, flatting and cutting once time.
2. There are multiple plane structures, flattening and uniform thickness
3. Automatic cutting, time saving, labor saving.
4,Variable frequency, feeding, flat, cutting.
5,It has multiple leveling structure, flattening and uniform thickness.
6,Cutting dimensions can be adjusted to meet the demand of different products.
Automatic cutting, saving time and energy, more economical and convenient.

peanut candy bar making machine

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