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What Are The Methods Of Peanut Peeling Skin?

Publish tina On 2017-10-10

Peanuts are very familiar with the crop, generally can be found in the market, and peanuts as a kind of high edible value food in the market has been widely used, but in many cases, the peanut is to use the peel, such as peanuts, milk tea and other foods are peanuts to remove peanut shells, to introduce the below is some what methods of peanut peeling method:
1. The peanuts first soak in boiling water and then rub the skin with the hand
2. The peanut is Fried or Fried directly, and it is easy to peel when eating. It is just not elegant.
It is best not to eat a piece of peanut, and the nutritional value of the skin is high. Unless you use peanut and jelly, or cook special dishes.
4. Pour in raw peanuts, and press for half a minute or so. Do not burn for too long
When you get it out, you'll find that the red coat of peanuts is wrinkled, and when you peel it off, the red coat will be easily removed
6. After a few hours, you can rub it with your hands, or put it in cold water for two to three hours and then rub it with your hands. It will be easy to go after it
Try to heat a dry iron pot with a small fire, pour the peanuts into it and slowly stir fry the peanuts. After a while the skin will be dehydrated and easily separated from the peanut kernel. The skin will come down when you rub it with your hands. The skin should be easier to fall off when you have a large amount of it, then blow it or find a fan to blow it off easily.
8. Put the right amount of water in the pot to soak up the peanuts, boil it and turn off the heat.
Pour the peanuts into the pot and soak for a while, then peel the skin off easily.
Actually peanut peeling method are many, different batches of peanut need to use different methods to efficiently remove peanut shells, to sum up the peanut if didn't remove to make milk tea or peanut peanut shells that can lead to peanut shells in the surface of the food to the beautiful and nutritional value of food and eating mood brings bad influence.
peanut peeling machine is best ways to remove the peanut skin.

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