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How to make sesame candy

Publish alex On 2016-04-11

"The sesame sugar cookies, rich in nutritional value, in fact, very simple, we come to learn, usually can be placed in a bowl, for dessert, guests can also eat. It's very nice."
peanut (right amount) black sesame (right amount) Gua Ziren (right amount) walnut kernel (right amount)
Sugar (right amount)
Ice taste sweet fried half an hour of high difficultySesame candy action steps:

1 walnut kernels sunspot? Peanut for a while to use rolling pin roll years (roll into small particles, not a small broken)
2 a piece of ginger, ready to slice.
3 sugar reserve.
4 put ginger boiled water for a while with.
5 put a few roll pan saute chopped nuts.
6 in the pot put ginger water and sugar.
7 keep stirring until the white pearl. And keep stirring.
8 stir fry the vesicles to change color.
9 put the chopped nuts into the sugar inside and stir fry, see grain nuts covered with sugar, toffee, quickly pour in the foil above.
10 in the sugar covered with a piece of aluminum foil.
11 roll the dough into thin slices.
12 uncover and cut into strips while sugar is not hot and hard when cutting the same.
13 cut down on a disk you can eat.

Of course, these are just family practice, if used for business and shop, you can go to understand the next Sesame Candy Machine

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