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How Make The Sachima?

Publish tina On 2017-05-02

Sachima is a delicious, simple food, which is mainly made of flour, soft and tender, and easy to learn.

The main ingredients:
The right amount of oil, 5g baking powder, the right amount of cranberry, the right amount of sesame seeds, a reasonable amount of walnut meat, 180g eggs, 50g water, 150g maltose, 180g sugar
Production steps:
1, flour and baking powder are sifted
2,Turn the egg on and stir well
3,Pour the flour into the dough
4,Wake up 15 minutes
5,Roll the dough and sprinkle the starch
6,Cut into noodles
7, and starch
8,Stir-fry the walnut meat and stir fry the sesame seeds for a while
9,When you have it, put it in the cranberry
10,Fry the noodles in the pan
11,White sugar and maltose syrup
12,Cook until you can pull out the silk
13,Put in a dish, and then cut into pieces that are uniform in size

GELGOOG company have the sachima production line.

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