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Granola Bar Machine Feature

Publish tina On 2017-05-03

Granola bar machine feature:
1,connection among them, has realized the real automatic and intelligent operation.
2,Improve the production efficiency, save the human cost.
3,Imitate human manual cutting principle, adopts advanced frequency control of
4, motor speed, different products can meet your needs.
5,Has many reforming flat structure, suppression smooth, uniform thickness. Cutting
6,speed automatic control, automatic feeding, horizontal, vertical automatic feed cutting
7,food, square size can be customized.
8,  PLCintelligent computer controlled,convenient and efficient,easy to operation.
9, This machine working continuous,no-stop slitting and cutting,improving produce
10, Automatic laying material,pressing flat,cooling,cutting and forming.
11, The conveyor belt speed can be adjusted.
12,  About the same width product,the length and thickness can adjust arbitrarily.
13, About the other width product,just change the knife shaft.
14, Use the transformation of different molds, can produce round, per rod, square
15,and other shapes of wheat, rice, pass, egg sweet potato cakes, rice cake and
pearl bar so on.
16,  It is the use of advanced frequency control and meet different production.
17, Dual machinery die, can get you satisfied with the forming effect.
18, with automatic spices system truly multi-functional, fully automated desired effect.
granola bar machine

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