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History Of Peanut Sugar In China

Publish tina On 2017-04-13

According to legend, the earliest time of peanut sugar is in the BC 475-221 years of the Warring States period, because at that time all over the war are all insecure, some slightly rich people for life and safety, have to escape, away from the war The In the period of chaos, in order to carry convenient, rich people will be caramel and malt after the saccharification boiled sugar, was sticky, commonly known as maltose) and peanuts together boiled, boiled, and then cut Into a small piece of irregular, which formed the ancestor of peanut sugar, is also the world's first peanut sugar, in the 12th and 13th century, the first peanut sugar into the Arab countries, and then spread to Greece and Europe and even all around the world.

In the countless years, until the beginning of the last century, peanut sugar has been in a single species, a single production method, until the creation of the gift of the family, the peanut sugar will further expand and develop, peanut sugar from a single Of the products into the present more than 20 kinds of varieties, hundreds of production methods, hundreds of different flavors of peanut sugar, which end of the sugar peanut sugar is the most representative of a favorite for the love of peanut sugar Beauty ladies because of eating polysaccharides and because of the fear of fattening, for those who are exempt from smoking because of eating polysaccharides and exacerbations of the worries.

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