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Confectionery market potential, trend of candy packaging machinery is good

Publish admin On 2016-03-11

The candy industry openly admits that he is a traditional, the main candy brands easily control the market, because consumers around the world both from the psychological or from the taste have already agreed to these products. But in terms of packaging, the more stable a brand, the more the lack of power to expand the new market.
At present, the domestic candy, chocolate packaging forms include packaging, kink type pillow type packaging machine, folding packaging. Kink type packaging is the oldest form of packaging. This form of packaging for candy can not only by high speed, automatic packaging machine to complete, can also through manual operation; pillow type packing in the popular in the seventies of the last century, the domestic from the 80's at the beginning of the epidemic. Because pillow type packaging machine is more popular, at present, most of the candy, chocolate manufacturers are using pillow type packaging. And folding packaging, more for chocolate products, candy is suitable for packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging equipment and packaging materials have higher requirements.
Shape brand packaging to secure the market
In recent years, our country also has a number of high-quality candy out of the country, are exported to overseas, which brought a lot of confidence to the candy industry in china. Except by virtue of excellent products, candy packaging should also pay attention to, candy competition increasingly in the white hot stage; and consumers are no longer satisfied merely to taste to bring joy, but the pursuit of a higher grade, are more attracted to the splendid appearance package, assembly has become more and more important! Therefore, the candy business, the development of enterprises can not be separated from the packaging of the charm of the product.
Looking at our country's candy packaging market, or packaging for decades immutable, gradually away from the consumer's aesthetic demand, or the packaging is often new, but it is difficult to form the appearance of the brand effect. In this regard, many of the old brand of foreign manufacturers of candy packaging design has a very strong vitality, after one hundred years is still deeply loved by consumers. The idea is worth the domestic food production and packaging manufacturers for reference.
Speaking of Chinese candy packaging, was undoubtedly the most typical of the big white rabbit toffee, so packaging for many years has not changed, will become the memory of a generation, now "after 80" the big white rabbit toffee as a kind of feelings to the memory, but only a big white rabbit is clearly not enough, now in the children eat more is foreign brands, don't come in contact with the big white rabbit toffee, and for rabbits, feelings alone is clearly not enough, this is rather is aging.
Europe many of the classic brand of chocolate and their main features on packaging has not changed, but will continue to shape the brand culture, to understand what consumers need, packaging is simple rather than complex; the brand packaging rather than as a single package; the classic rather than temporary, these are is the classic brand characteristics. So in the fierce competition in the product, the brand is the most effective weapon. From the packaging point of view, the brand is one of the core of the development trend of. Therefore, the enterprise must strengthen brand packaging construction, the status quo is not from the Pope's style, in order to stabilize the market.
Candy market potential of large candy packaging machinery trends positive
In recent years, domestic candy technical experts in the introduction of cooperation, independent creative aspects has made gratifying achievements, in the candy equipment has launched inflatable toffee production line, colloidal jelly automatic line, super thin film vacuum flash boiling machine, cotton candy production line etc.; packaging machinery has a single kink packaging machine, folding packaging machine, high speed pillow charter. Chocolate equipment, there are multi-functional design and color of chocolate casting line, chocolate composite products automatic line, chocolate extrusion line, chocolate, such as rapid precision milling machine, etc..
Multi function is an important trend in the development of new equipment, because of the variety of candy varieties, update fast, manufacturers of equipment requirements are versatile, strong adaptability. Such as the new development of chocolate composite products automatic line with the production of candy, chocolate and coated composite products. The whole production line, production with core of sugar and different stack layers of high-quality compound chocolate, such as forming part of the front end only, can produces nougat, toffee, Swiss candy, candy and other rectangular varieties, such as the use of back-end part of the coating, and to meet the requirements of the various products of the surface coating.
In addition, the new devices are now mostly used servo motor, photoelectric tracking and other new technologies, so that the ability to automatically control the. Such as chocolate composite product automatic line, across the board consists of nearly 20 units, due to differences in the requirements of different varieties of process, not only the unit itself, more running in between the various units of speed coordination problems, the unit using a general inverter to control the various units of the inverter.
Candy, chocolate manufacturers in the standardization of product packaging, the general need for high-speed, automated packaging machines, in order to pursue the scale of the economy, the packaging cost optimization. Therefore, in recent years the packaging machine manufacturer developed for different types of products of high-speed, automated candy, chocolate packaging machine, for example for the traditional pillow type packing and some for double kink type products with snarling packaging machine. In this kind of packing machine, manufacturers have adopted the latest technology, such as servo motor, photoelectric tracking, high-speed camera, in order to achieve the efficiency of packing machine, existing per minute to pack 1500 ~ 2000 grain of high speed pillow hard candy packing machine.

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