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The Value Of Peanuts

Publish tina On 2017-07-21

Seed oil 45 ~ 55 %, a few varieties can reach about 60 %, protein content is 25 ~ 30 %. Used as a lubricant in the textile industry and used as a quenching agent in the mechanical manufacturing industry. It has certain curative effect on children's simple dyspepsia and has the effect of cough and expectoration. In addition, peanut seed can be Fried, Fried or made peanut candy, peanut cakes and other confectionery cakes and peanut butter. Stem leaves are high quality feed. The shell can be used as raw material for viscose, and it can be used for more than 10 kinds of products, such as acetic acid, acetate and activated carbon. It can be used as a medicine to stop hemorrhagic disease.
In many areas of the north, the primary source of income for farmers is the cultivation of peanuts or preliminary processing of peanuts. Plant meat is more than twice as oily as soybeans and more than 20 percent higher than rapeseed. The protein of peanuts, except soybeans, has no food equal to it, which is more than 30 percent of the amount of wheat, 2.5 times the corn and three times the rice. The protein of peanut is easily absorbed by the body, the absorption rate is about 90%. As a result, peanuts are known as plant meat.
The nutritional value of peanuts is so high that even some animal-based foods, such as eggs, milk, and meat, are called high-grade nutrients. Peanuts produce more calories than meat, 20 percent more than milk, and 40 percent more than eggs. Other things such as protein, nuclear egg, calcium, phosphorus and iron are also higher than milk, meat and eggs. The peanut also contains A, B, E, K and other vitamins, as well as lecithin, protein amino acid, choline and oleic acid, groundnut acid, fatty acid, palmitate, etc. It can be seen that the nutrition of peanut is very rich and comprehensive, raw food, stir-fried food, boiled food, especially Fried peanuts, delicious and delicious.

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