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The Influence Of Eggs For Caramel Treats

Publish tina On 2017-03-09

Sachima color with the reduction of egg liquid increased gradually shallow, mainly due to the reduction of egg yolk. With the decrease in the amount of egg protein in the process of frying, the degree of the Maillard reaction gradually weakened; the egg fragrance showed a general trend, and the main source of the fragrance was the Maillard reaction. And the formation of a comprehensive flavor after the fry, the flavor change is the formation of the latter rich flavor, coupled with the amount of egg solution will affect the emulsification effect is good or bad, easy to form a hard taste, crisp softness and mouth A downward trend.

At the same time, the increase of water has a great influence on the shelf life of Sachima. On the one hand, the existence of moisture promotes the production of sandy horse oil. On the other hand, the content of water content has a significant effect on the propagation of microorganisms, So to reduce the amount of egg solution will be to a certain extent, the impact of Sachima shelf life. Choose Shchima, it is best in the same size under the selected lighter. Heavy because it is too much sugar added to the physical disadvantage.

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