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Sesame Candy Story

Publish tina On 2017-09-11

Heze area of sesame candy, have long cylindrical, bar, flat shape, color is milky white, bright crystal clear, sweet and crisp, pure taste delicious, nutritious, and and stomach with gas, cough and cure constipation, and so on, has a history of more than 500 years.
Shandong cuisine -- zhizi candy: a history of four or five hundred years of tahini, which is a large part of cao county, heze city, shandong province. Crispy and delicious, nutritious, set the grain (wheat, millet, rice, broomcorn millet, sesame) essence, into multiple hand-made traditional snack food, fermentation is health food for young and old.
sesame candy
In the two years of Ming hongwu (1369), the two people from hongdong county, pingyang prefecture, Shanxi Province, settled cao cao
In the northeast of the city, the north east of the han ji, because of the long door, so called big liu zhuang.
Large liuzhuang Fried even thickness, sesame seeds covered with skin, not every Fried, there are 129 small holes through sealed on both ends of a stuffy, feed the crisp, sweet sweetness that with incense, sweet, crisp, crisp four characteristics. Morning of green food manager Liu Hongping on Fried large liuzhuang production history, the village elder, said more than ten life before they are processing Fried, is ancestral craft, who was not sure the specific, from which s myth originated in the Ming dynasty zhengde years, four or five hundred years of history, because of its taste delicious, sweet, crisp sweet, qing dynasty shunzhi years, become a tribute, get the emperor rewarded.
Large liuzhuang Fried the main raw material is rice, millet, barley, sesame, strict election materials, well-made, craft is various, step by step a chapter, every process should be just right, hold good temperature. In during the beginning do Fried: the first step is to boil syrup, first select the barley with warm water soak a week time, the temperature control in 26-27 ℃, bubble out of barley malt, using stone grinding bud into pulp, re-selected rice or millet, like boiled rice steamed rice, then big mash with good mixture, put into the VAT, use boiling water spilt water for fermentation, two hours later, can pour the syrup, and then to boil, namely into syrup; The second step is to make the semi-finished product, make the sugar dilute and make it thicken, make the sugar candy, cool it to a certain temperature, then process it and become a semi-finished product. Step 3 finish the finished product. 30 ℃ high temperature processing semi-finished products in the room to break, pull, hole, every Fried asked 129 hole, and then covered with peeling sesame, twist twist shape, become the finished product Fried cooling to cool slightly.
Picked up a piece of Fried, on the mouth don't chew on, will feel had shattered, carefully taste, feel full color, sometimes eat bad will go toward drop the ground slag, the hand must be over eat, large liuzhuang Fried with other absolute sales by the two concepts on market, say from keeping in good health, longevity, arm self-restraint heart and spleen and help one's digestion.
For exquisite workmanship, complex procedure, high temperature, large liuzhuang Fried only production to four months a year, output was 100 tons, in short supply, enjoys a fame in heze, many people come to buy.

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