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Sachima Production Line Features

Publish tina On 2017-02-24

Sachima production line is suitable for melon seeds, peanut sugar, sachima, rice pass, wheat pass, rice candy, frozen sugar, fried rice candy, black rice crisp, candy and other food production.

It adopt intelligent manual interface control technology, frequency adjustment synchronization, PLC control dicing length, 7 roller forming, forming Founder good, cut the length of the exact, consistent product weight, the whole production, The production.
The main production equipment features:
1, the main control circuit using imported single-chip, man-machine interface, frequency control, parameter setting convenient and quick, intuitive operation, full realization of humanized automatic operation control;
2, high sensitivity electronic eye automatically accurate tracking, accurate feedback information, the error is minimal;
3, stable operation, automatic shaping, automatic transmission of materials automatically cut;
4, simple operation, small labor intensity;
5, continuous production, high yield;
6, mechanical transmission system is compact, reasonable layout;
7, the circuit is clear, clear, no need to directly maintain.

sachima production line

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