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Rice Krispies Treat Machine Manufacturer

Publish tina On 2017-07-13

The rice krispies treat making machine is suitable for rice, wheat, rice, rice, black rice cake, egg and potato cake, candy, etc. (round bread, round bar, ball, semicircle) food production.
Round cakes, ball, round bar, square meters TongMai complete sets of equipment, combined with the world's most advanced production technology, with food control system adopts imported components, using intermittent smooth motion mechanism, no impact on the smooth operation, automatic correcting position, automatic cutting, automatic pressure. Without sawdust, the rate of breakage and defective products are lower than manual and semi-mechanized products. Notably the native overcome the inertia of similar equipment at home and abroad are widespread impact, demoulding difficulty and unreliable, forming the problem such as irregular, realized the automation high quality production. The machine can be used in the final molding of all other billet products, such as rice cake, peanut candy, frozen rice sugar, etc.
Main performance and structural features:
1. The rotating disk covers a small area and the cooling system is installed up and down;
2. Without gas source, direct production does not destroy food organization structure;
3. Rotary rotary table, automatic feeding and automatic filling;
4. No adjustment, accurate positioning and large output;
5. Good food molding, non-stick mold, easy to mold;
6. The transmission system is simple and clear, and the mechanical maintenance is convenient.
7. The circuit is simple and requires no direct maintenance.

rice krispies treat making machine

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