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Peanut Peeler Manufacturer In China

Publish tina On 2017-06-12

The peanut peeler machine adopts the roller differential rolling rub skin rubbing on peanut peeling, stable and reliable performance, long service life, good effect of peeling, the advantages of high productivity, good quality, and can be used more than one combination, suitable for processing all kinds of peanut peeling.
The dry skin machine is mainly used in the production of raw white peanut, peanut milk, peanut particle, etc. The peanut is not broken after peeling, the color is white, the protein is invariant. Our company produces a machine that can be used in multiple units, which can be used for the material, peeling, sucking, picking and vacuuming, and the quality of peeling to the export standard. The whole machine has reasonable structure, stable operation, long service life and high stripping rate.
This machine is the present advanced blanched peanut dry peeling equipment, this machine need raw material moisture content below 4%, the general advice is after roasted peanuts, it features reasonable structure, stable running, low noise, long service life, high net rate, low half broken rate. It can also be used for multiple sets, and the quality of peeling can meet the export standard. It is mainly used for the peeling of white peanut, peanut, peanut, etc.

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