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Peanut Candy Bar Cutting Machine

Publish tina On 2017-11-25

The peanut candy bar cutting machine is mainly used for peanut candy, peanut crisp,sachima and other leisure food molding and cutting. It has a continuous feeding pre-pressure and multi-pressure roller rolling automatic molding, product surface is smooth, moderate density, uniform thickness,it is all automated and intelligent. the machine using frequency technology, the Department of action by the PLC control coordination accuracy for different products and processes to adjust the speed and thickness for achieve the best results of product molding.
the peanut crisp from the machine taste crisp, the entrance of the slag, sweet but not greasy, it is this peanut crisp, all consumers will be delicious after eating. this crisp from the overflow, crisp and delicious traditional casual food Worth more people to taste, to praise!

peanut candy bar cutting machine

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