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Five Things To Pay Attention To When Operating Peanut Peeling Machine!

Publish tina On 2017-11-22

Five things to pay attention to when operating a peanut peeling machine!
1. Prevent scalding: the engine in the operation of the groundnut machine should be prevented from being burned by the high temperature gas, especially the exhaust gas from the exhaust pipe. When the water tank is very hot, don't rush to open the water tank to prevent boiling water from scald.
2. Electric shock proof: the electrical equipment of the peanut skinning machine should be reliably grounded, the switch equipment should be higher than the head, the wire aging or damage must be changed in time, in case of electric shock or fire.
3. Fire prevention: no bright fire can occur when repairing gasoline engine. To prevent the use of gasoline basins near the grinder. The cotton yarn, rags, etc. which are stained with waste oil should be properly handled in a timely manner.
4. Anti-corrosion: the electrolyte of the dispensing battery should be used in ceramic or glass containers to check the height and density of the electrolyte. Do not allow the electrolyte to splash into clothing or skin.
5. Anti-explosion: clean thoroughly before the oil tank and oil drum welding, confirm that the inner cavity can not be welded after oil and gas. In addition, there should be no Mars in the battery, preventing the accumulation of hydrogen and oxygen from the accumulations of the accumulator, and a spark explosion.

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