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Nut Roasting Machine Price

Publish tina On 2017-06-30

This nut roasting machine is suitable for baking of peanut, melon seeds, pistachios, hazelnuts, almond and other nuts. Heating can be used for natural gas and liquefied gas. Baking and cooling, baking time, speed, temperature control, adjustable, fault alarm, roasted evenly, high yield, no pollution, no damage, firing and aroma taste etc.
This machine consists of feeding, ascending, heating, drying, etc. Parts. Coal and steam heating, heating mode points with flow operation, speed adjustable, adjustable temperature, uniform drying, high yield, no pollution, no damage, energy saving, etc.
1. The oven adopts metal materials, the oven is a kind of monomer type, the structure is compact, easy to operate, the cycloidal reducer for the power, through the chain transmission rotating the rotor cage for baking.
2. This oven adopts infrared heating method to radiate heat energy to the baked object.
3. This oven USES the temperature control apparatus to automatically control the working temperature of the oven so that the working temperature can be controlled within the set temperature range.
Sesame oven for sesame, mung bean, soybean and other small particles to bake food drying equipment. The intelligent electronic digital display temperature control device of automatic temperature control, but was roasted material evenly heat. The equipment is set up automatic lifting function, can make the baking material automatic discharging and a net, the roasted sesame seeds and other granular material, colour and lustre is uniform. The heating method is divided into two kinds: electric heating and gas heating.
The oven is mainly used for baking milk white peanut, red peanut, peanut, walnut, chestnut etc.
The oven gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas) as the fuel of infrared thermal radiation on the bake objects, in the baking process was roasted food inside the cage is in continuous rolling, heated evenly, effective guarantee the quality of the baking.
nut roasting machine

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