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Nut Roaster Machine For Sell

Publish tina On 2017-03-25

Nut roaster machine is my company to absorb domestic and foreign advanced technology on the basis of the accumulation of years of experience in the development of oil machinery from the development. Improve the previous single outlet for the double discharge port, increased the diameter of the feed port, to achieve the purpose of fast forward and fast out. Main features: reasonable structure, a thermometer, easy to operate, high efficiency. Because this type of wok is closed, control the heat outside the scattered, played both the role of steaming and frying, thus speeding up the speed of fried seeds. Another advantage of the machine is continuous flip work, was fried material constantly turning, so that the surface can evenly contact with the pot surface, to avoid the flat-bottomed fry fry seed cooked uneven, flammable and other defects, and thus improve the Oil rate and oil quality.

The machine is mainly composed of frame, hopper, cylinder, firearm and so on. The motor drives the gear shaft through the belt, and the gear on the gear shaft drives the large gear on the cylinder. The cylinder rotates continuously and continuously. The hopper is fed into the cylinder for steaming. The ignition temperature should start the motor, so that the cylinder rotation, to avoid local heating of the cylinder; cylinder preheat to 50 ℃ or so to feed fried seeds, until the material frying appropriate (speculation time depending on the fire size, 20 minutes, the temperature rose to about 130 ℃) immediately determine whether the material, (from the feed port to determine the sampling) if the material can be opened to open the mouth baffle, the material that is to go out; pot fried 10-80 Kg is appropriate.

nut roaster machine

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