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Nut Dryer Machine Cost

Publish tina On 2017-06-07

Peanut nut dryer is mainly used in the food processing industry in sesame seeds, beans, nuts, nuts, peanuts (fruit), melon seeds, almonds, chestnuts, beans and other materials for baking, reduce its moisture content, drying, baking mature product.
Around the machine adopts back to the cage, electric heating, coal heating or gas heating) as heat source, by using the theory of heat conduction and thermal radiation, for the hot air drying medium, the heat effect on baking objects, in the process of baking bake objects in the cage by the propulsion system constantly improve, flip, form a continuous whole Angle is heated, the material is heated evenly, effectively ensuring the quality of baking.
The machine has automatic temperature control and timing device, and the temperature is adjustable between 0 and 300 degrees. The operation is simple. The machine is turning from the feed inlet and the normal roasting. The roasting is made out of the material.
Nut dryer machine energy safety, health and convenient, fast, low energy consumption, stable performance, long service life, the advantages of easy operation and maintenance, products taste pure, the baking quality meet the national food hygiene standards and the international export standards.

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