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How Much You Know Cereal Puffing Machine?

Publish tina On 2017-09-30

Multi-function cereal puffing machine change "popcorn machine" before (affordable air flow puffing machine) safety factor is not high, small production, puffed products a single, unstable quality and high production cost. It highlights the following characteristics:
1. Large yield: each time the coffee corn can puffed up to 13 catties, the wheat can puffed 15kg each time, and the rice can puffed 16kg each time.
2. Energy conservation: the expanded equivalent raw material saves a third less energy than the small expansion machine;
3. Safe and reliable: the whole structure of thick wall steel casting cast of tank, each device equipped with safety valve, relief valve, outside the shield, jar has the gasket, reaches a certain pressure, automatic discharge gas, use absolute security;
4. The swelling rate is large, and the expanded rice is white: the expansion rate of the expanded wheat is low, the expanded rice is not enough, the rice is yellow;
5. Simple operation and small labor intensity: one can operate two simultaneously, even the female worker can operate;
6. Applicable scope: suitable for the expansion of rice, millet, corn, sorghum, buckwheat, peanut and beans, etc.
7. Tank improvement: the tank is made of cast steel and is cast for the whole, which is more durable than the general welding.
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