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How Use The Peanut Roasting Machine?

Publish tina On 2017-04-24

Peanut roasting machine usage:

1, steel, bulletproof double glass doors to observe the work of indoor objects, at a glance before the fire before the bottom of the residual slag clean, to prevent the furnace block plug the heater heating time.
2, peanut oven box closed tightening can adjust the overall shape of the silicone rubber door ring to ensure that the box high vacuum The oven should burn high quality coal, in the fire process should be promptly clean up the furnace to prevent coal coking caused Poor ventilation.
3, before the fire should check the expansion tank on the oil level display tube, should ensure that the oil level is higher than the bottom of the glass tube about 20 mm, if the oil level should not be timely to add 330 # heat transfer oil.
4, immediately after the fire to open the high temperature pump to accelerate the oil circulation, when the oven temperature reaches 80 ℃, start the cage forward button, so that the cage into the working state, to prevent high temperature only deformation.
5, in the course of work, the operation of the forward and reverse button should first stop cage and then start the reverse button to prevent inertia damage to the motor and other components.
6, the oven oil temperature should be controlled at 290 ℃ -300 ℃, the temperature through the switch fuel door to control, when the oil temperature is higher than 300 ℃ to open the fuel door cooling, when the oil temperature below 290 ℃, turn off the fuel gate Heating, oil temperature can not exceed 300 ℃, to prevent the heat to reach the boiling point.
7, in the baking process, such as roasted white peanuts, the working temperature of 180 ℃, baking time is about 20-25 minutes, roasted red work temperature of 200-220 ℃, baking time of 60-70 minutes, The operating temperature of the baked fruit is 200-220 ℃, and the baking time is 70-80 minutes. Due to the different water content of peanuts, the staff should first bake 1-2 stove to produce the data.
8, the fire temperature, the oven into the outlet, the outlet all closed to ensure that the oven operating temperature, when the feed after opening the outlet valve, so that the moisture discharge.
9, the studio is made of stainless steel plate (or drawing board) to ensure that the product durable. The oven when feeding each cage should be separated by 10-15 minutes to prevent simultaneous discharge, affecting the quality of peanut baking.
10, in the baking process, should be intermittent start reversing button, so that peanuts in the cage can be evenly heated.
11, the shortest heating time than the traditional vacuum peanut oven heating time is short. Storage, heating, testing and drying are in the absence of oxygen or inert gas environment, so it will not be oxidized in the baking process, if the power outage , Should quickly turn the reverse hand wheel out of the material, to prevent the loss of peanut scorched.
12, when the end of the work should be quickly stopped heating, the oil temperature and the oven temperature dropped rapidly, when the oil temperature dropped to 80 ℃ to stop the circulating pump, when the oven temperature dropped to 80 ℃, stop the cage, to prevent high temperature Static deformation.

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