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How To Maintain Peanut Peeling Machine?

Publish tina On 2017-04-06

1, peanut peeling machine with V-belt transmission. The new band in the use of a period of time, due to the role of tension will gradually elongate and the emergence of relaxation, so to regularly check the tension of the transmission belt and the fit of the gap is appropriate, timely adjustment.

2, peanut peeling machine during the operation, should always pay attention to the speed of the machine, sound, temperature is normal. Every time you complete a variety or a day of operation is completed, should be shut down to check whether the various parts of the overheating of the various parts of the fastening screws, key pin is loose, if found loose should be tightened at any time, especially high speed parts, such as: Fan blades, especially the lower fan blades are worn or broken, the blade external reinforcement plate is worn or deformed, if found to be timely repair or replacement.

3, the sieve hanging shaft and all the activities of the bearings should be promptly checked there is no oil wear phenomenon, once the timely refueling replacement. After each operation, rubbing the machine's sieve bottom, that is, fish scales in the hole in the regular use of wire brush to clean up.

4, after the processing season, the machine will be a big inspection. Check the operation and wear of each bearing; check whether the screen bottom deformation or cracks; check the screening of the screen wear. After the inspection, the damaged part of the repair, remove the dirt and residual peanuts.

5, peanut peeling machine after use, the belt removed, the machine placed in a dry warehouse storage. After the removal of the belt, to be hung in the indoor wall is not sun.
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