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How Choose Peanut Roaster Machine?

Publish tina On 2017-04-21

Peanuts as a daily eating, loved by the general public friends, but you know how peanuts baked out? Do you know how peanut roaster machines work? Today tell you about the working principle of peanut roaster machine.

The peanut roaster machine is mainly used for baking lime white peanuts, red peanuts, peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, beans and other granular foods. Peanut baking machine with coal (also made into gas or fuel type) , With a new type of heat pipe for the heat transfer medium, the use of high-temperature flue gas in the pipeline circulation, through the heat pipe to heat energy on the baked object, in the baking process was baked in the cage by the spiral film , The formation of non-stop rolling, so that the heat evenly, effectively guarantee the quality of baking.

However, due to the high content of baking peanut oil, especially the unsaturated fatty acid content is very high, vulnerable to light, heat, oxygen, moisture and other effects of rancidity deterioration, and in the process of hot or high temperature baking, greatly stimulate free radicals Of the activity, so that products can easily lead to corruption of oil. This requires us to pick excellent peanut nuts and excellent quality peanut roaster machines.

Peanut roasting machine in use before and in use should be particularly attention to detail, so as to better ensure its life and effectiveness. Peanut baking machine to maximize the effective volume, microcomputer temperature controller temperature control accuracy and reliability.

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