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A Good Product Will Win The Approval Of The Customer At Any Time

Publish tina On 2017-10-17

There is no other business today, I took the company's previous contract out to tidy up, easy to find!
I was going through the contract in 2013, so I didn't come to work at the company, so I looked at the contract very carefully and kept a record, thinking that I might use it someday. Suddenly, a familiar name into the eye socket, a copy of the contract after confirmation again, this is not the last September a customer to purchase the machine, I hurriedly put contract last September, a contrast, it was the customer. The machines for purchasing are all the same, but this purchase has added a cereal bar machine, which is the equipment that our company has just developed and produced.
Because I didn't understand the situation, I took two contracts and found the boss. Originally, when the customer and our company signed a contract, ready to go back to pay the deposit, suddenly company decided to invest in workshop, temporarily not development meters flower sugar production, the company in product, market expansion, increase production, so give up our cooperation. Remember, the client also made a special phone call to explain to the boss, temporarily not cooperating. Thus, the matter was gone, and the boss forgot about it for a long time.
Two years later, the customer once again found us to order the equipment. After the equipment was set up, I still remember what happened. At that time, the production period we signed with the customer was one month, because the customer had to decorate the factory, and after the equipment was ready for more than two months, the client called the equipment. The boss also joked to the client, thought you did not want, we all plan to sell to someone else! The customer only replied, I believe you!
When you hear this sentence, you feel very moved, no matter which industry you do, no matter which manufacturer or supplier, you just want to get the trust of your customers.
However, trust and recognition can not be obtained in a day. It is the pursuit of product quality over many years. For many years, we have demonstrated the customer service. For many years, the industry has recognized our company. High quality products, reasonable prices, high service companies will win customers' approval whenever they want.

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