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The Effect and Function of Peanut

Publish tina On 2017-07-17

Lower cholesterol: peanut oil contains a large number of linoleic acid, this substance can raise the body cholesterol into bile acid eduction body outside, avoid cholesterol deposition in the body, reduce the cholesterol in the human body more than normal and cause all sorts of the incidence of disease of heart head blood-vessel.
Delaying senescence: the content of zinc in peanuts is generally higher than other oilseed crops. Zinc can promote the brain development of children, have the memory function that strengthens the brain, can activate the old brain brain cells, effectively delay the human body premature senescence, have anti-aging effect.
Promote bone development in children: peanut is rich in calcium, which can promote bone development in children
Prevention of tumors: peanuts and peanut oil contain a naturally occurring polyphenol substance, resveratrol. And peanuts, peanut oil and other related peanuts, which are rich in resveratrol, will play a greater role in diet and health.
Blood coagulation hemostasis peanut garment contains oils and a variety of vitamins, and contain the substances of shortening clotting time, can fight dissolve fibrin, has the function of platelet in promoting bone marrow manufacturing, for a variety of hemorrhagic disease, not only have hemostatic effect, and has certain treatment function to the primary disease, hematopoietic function beneficial to human body.


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