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The Development Of Nutrition Cereal Bar

Publish tina On 2017-09-15

Nutrition cereal bars is oats, rice, corn and other cereals as main raw materials, high viscosity adhesive syrup of sheet, rod products, in addition to the main raw material grain, the product will also add nuts, dried fruit, candy, chocolate and other accessories. At present, the nutrition cereal bar products sold in the domestic market are mostly imported from abroad, and the product type and taste are relatively unitary.
The cereal bar has a long history in foreign countries. It used to be a popular breakfast food in Europe and the United States. Cereal bar products taste sweet, crisp and easy to carry, and are favored by many people, and the market share in the food market is getting bigger and bigger.
Cereal bars product development is mature in foreign countries, the products are generally single form, namely the surface decoration, add layer at the bottom of the support or the whole package way, such as chocolate layer, butter and condensed milk layer, etc.
The concept of cereal bars has recently been introduced to the Chinese market. Currently the products are sold in the domestic market is relatively small, there is no local taste, it is difficult to meet the needs of Chinese consumers to health leisure food, this is a good time to domestic food manufacturers cut into the product.
Many of customers have developed localized products for the concept of nutrition cereal bars, and sales are rising. GELGOOG machinery for cereal bar products line have low temperature, viscosity and the characteristics of soft research and development, the production of grains bar production line, the line is a high degree of automation, cabin air conditioning refrigeration, article points the cutting function, can fit more chocolate layer, garland machine, improve product quality and taste.

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