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The Canada Customer Visit Company For Peanut Peeling Machine

Publish tina On 2017-05-15

The customer from Canada need the peanut peeling machine.the customer is eager need the peanut peeling machine.the customer find our machine.and he is very interested in our peanut peeling machine.the customer contact us. He want know more detail about the machine.our sales send the quotation and detail about the machine.the customer is satisfied to the machine.the customer decided to come to china visit our company. Our sales pick him up in airport. After discussion.the customer decided to sign the contact with us.

The peanut peeling machine have stable performance and long service life.its peeling rate is also have high productivity, the advantages of good quality,it is suitable for processing all kinds of peeling peanuts.

If you need the machine, you can leave the message in our website.

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