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The Colombia Customer Visit Company For Peanut Brittle Production Line

Publish tina On 2017-08-04

The customer from Colombia need the peanut brittle production line.the customer want know the price about the peanut brittle production line.and our sales send the price to the customer.after the customer receive the quotation.the customer reply us.the customer is satisfied to the peanut candy production line.
The customer want come to china visit the company. Then,the customer come to china.and our sales pick him up in airport.
1.This peanut brittle production line including automatic peanut roasting machine,automatic peanut peeler,sugar cooking pot,temperature control nonstick mixer,peanut brittle forming and cutting machine.
2. Automatic peanut roasting machine is made of metal and it is a single-body roaster.It has a simple structure and it is very easy to operate.
3.Peanut peeling machine is suitable for processing a variety of peeling peanuts, almonds and so on.
4.Sugar cooking is mainly used for candy, rice crisp, beverage, pharmaceutical and other processing.
5.Temperature control nonstick mixer is mainly used for crisp egg cakes, rice crisp, frozen swelled candy rice etc recreation food agitation.
6.Peanut brittle molding and cutting machine is mainly used for peanut brittle,sesame candy etc food processing.

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