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Clean Eating Peanut Brittle

Publish admin On 2016-03-07

When I was a little girl, my grandmother would make peanut brittle every year for Halloween and Thanksgiving. It was a staple in her house and I looked forward to it all year long. She had an electric skillet she used and I loved digging it out for special occasions because I knew only something good and tasty would come from it.

While it’s definitely a once-in-a-while treat (it still has lots of sugar, even if it is honey), it’s a tradition I’m starting with Mini Chef this year.

I just got an electric skillet for $20 off craigslist (don’t you just love craigslist?!!!) and we immediately got to work on this recipe. You don’t have to have an electric skillet for this, but it sure helps because you can set the temperature so easily. But again, totally not necessary.

The first batch we tried didn’t get hard enough and was pretty sticky. But the issue was that I tried to make it without using a candy thermometer and that did not work out so well. I also heated the honey to the temp in the recipe I adapted from (275 F.), and it just didn’t do the trick. Maybe it was my cooking method or a difference in altitude or any other number of things. It’s hard to say. So the second time around, I took the temp up to 302 F. (hard crack stage) using a candy thermometer and it did much better.

Please know that the parchment paper called for is an absolute necessity unless you want to scrape hard candy off your cookie sheet for an hour or two, or waste the whole thing by soaking it off. So don’t skip that!

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