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Cereal Puffing Machine Feature

Publish tina On 2017-08-28

Cereal puffing machine feature:
1. Larger production: one can puffed 10kg of rice at one time, 9kg of glutinous corn in the southwest and 7kg in the north, at least 1kg more than normal.
2. More labor-saving: a skilled worker can operate 3 sets.
3. The heating time is shorter: the puffed corn can only take 6 minutes at a time.
4. Save energy: the finished product is lower than the normal energy consumption.
5. Safe and convenient operation: four safety insurance, provincial inspection, lower labor intensity, humanized design, easy operation of workers.
6. It is more convenient to collect materials and tilt 35 degrees to the collecting bit.
Reduce noise.
8. Comprehensive damping, equipment and device, pressure gauge, durable air flow puffing machine maximum keep the wheat, rice cakes, rice, maize, millet and other coarse grains flavor, color, nourishment composition, is m mertong, coffee, corn, crispy corn, buckwheat, beans and other food processing of ideal machine.

cereal puffing machine

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