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Cereal Bar Machine Supplier In China

Publish tina On 2017-08-16

Cereal bar machine is mainly used to cut the grain into the desired size and cool it.
It is controlled by two inverters that enable it to complete the cross cutting of a machine. And allow the operator to preset the desired length and width of the cut, and it is easy to operate.
1. Stir, level, and cut three processes together to achieve true automatic and intelligent operations without a human connection. Improve productivity and labor cost.
2. The humanoid manual cutting principle, adopting advanced frequency conversion speed regulation, different products can meet your needs.
3. There are many structural plane structures that inhibit smooth and uniform thickness. Automatic cutting speed control. Machine feeding, horizontal, vertical automatic feeding cutting, and square size can be customized.
4. PLC intelligent computer control, convenient, efficient, easy to operate.
5. The machine has continuous, no-stop cutting and cutting, improving production efficiency, output power can reach 2000pc/min.
For products of the same width, the length and thickness can be adjusted arbitrarily.
The shell of the machine is made of 304 stainless steel material, which meets the QS standard food requirements.
This machine is made up of mixing parts, a lot of time pressure, two mixing, threshing, cooling, transmission parts, suitable for rice ball, MaiQiu, popcorn, m rods, stamping forming of rice cakes and other food.

cereal bar machine

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