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Cereal Bar Production Line Manufacturer

Publish tina On 2017-04-19

The cereal bar production line can produce rice krispies treats,puffed corn bar,Protein Bar,puffed oats bar,puffed wheat bar and puffed millet bar. Shape have cylindrical, rectangular, square, round cake, round ball and part of abnormity.
The machine are made of 304 stainless steel.the machine have the requirements of QS on food machinery.from the mixing,to the cereal bar is automatic stripping,cooling and other components of the composition.
The machine adopt computer program control.and it have advanced design, smooth operation without impact, no trembling, to solve the current domestic counterparts slow vibration and other defects.
The mold and hopper are used food-grade materials designed, safe and hygienic.
The shape of the electronic eye tracking alignment, two mechanical correction, positioning accuracy, high yield.

cereal bar production line

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