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Peanut Brittle making Machine Cost

Publish tina On 2017-11-16

This peanut brittle making machine is used to automatically cut peanut brittle. it also can forming peanut candy.It outputs large, simple operations.
This machine is for rice candy, peanut candy and sesame candy. It can change different molds and produce all kinds of products.
The length of the cooling conveyor can be changed, and the cooling fan can be configured as needed to improve the cooling effect.
1. The work machine includes heating, stirring, reciprocating board, automatic shearing combination, simple operation, mixing finished size and weight.
2. Far infrared heating, non-sticking, stirring evenly, non-stick pan.
3. The project automatically controls the reciprocating movement, the average level.
Automatic dicer, molding, product size and weight.

peanut brittle making machine

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