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Automatic Peanut Brittle Making Machine Price

Publish tina On 2017-08-01

Peanut brittle making machine is mainly used in the processing of peanut candy, peanut cakes and kima cake. With continuous loading preloading and multi-channel rolling, automatic forming, the product surface is smooth, the density is moderate, the thickness is even, realizing automation, intelligent; Using frequency conversion technology, the machine adopts PLC control and coordination precision to adjust the speed and thickness of different products and processes to achieve the best effect of product forming.
This machine consists of feeding, feeding, automatic cutting material, cooling conveyor, the whole device adopts frequency control of motor speed synchronization, PLC to control the cutting length, multichannel roller press, the creator of a good, precise cutting length, continuous production of machine, automatic and intelligent operation is realized. The device is suitable for snacks such as peanut crispy, rice flower sugar, shakima and egg cake.
1. Mixing, leveling and plugging 3 processes to improve efficiency and save labor
2. The principle of imitation manual cutting adopts advanced automatic control technology
3. Automatic control cutting speed, automatic feeding, automatic feed cutting
4. Horizontal and vertical automatic cutting of food can be customized to the size of the food.
5. The product is flat, beautiful, neat, beautiful, high production efficiency.

peanut brittle making machine

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