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Peanut Candy Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Publish admin On 2018-03-30

We are peanut candy cutting machine manufactuere in china.Our the peanut candy  cutting machine mainly used to cut the mixed cereal product to a desired size and cool it.
The advantages of peanut candy cutting machine
1. Dual-frequency conversion control, flat inserts at a time.
2. Has a certain planar structure, pressing plane, thickness uniformity.
3. Advanced frequency control, can meet the needs of different products.
4. Automatic cutting saves time, saves labor, economy, and convenience.

Company Profile of peanut candy machine manufacturer:
We are a manufacturer of peanut processing machinery with many years of production experience. We have an excellent technical support team, including experienced mechanics and service technicians. All our machines are equipped with reliable brand components. This allows us to provide our customers with continuous high quality peanut processors at competitive prices.

Peanut candy cutting machine featurer:
1. Frequency control, leveling and cutting once.It has multi-layer structure, flattening and uniform thickness.
2. Multi-layer flat structure, flattening and uniform thickness.
3. Automatic cutting, time-saving, labor-saving, economical and convenient.

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