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Chikki Making Machine Videos

Publish admin On 2018-03-28

See the above videos for chikki making machines. This peantu chikki making machine consits heating stirring machine, reciprocating pressing machine, and automatic chikki cutting machine. This machine is easy to simple operate, can produce peanut chikki with uniform size and consistent weight.
For this peanut chikki making machine, can realize automatic cutting, one time can finish molding, product size and weight are almost same.
Chikki Making Machine Videos
Application scope:
The chikki making machine is mainly used for the processing of rice cakes, crisp rice, frozen rice sugar, peanut chikki, sesame candy, etc
In order to help customer to win the market, our factory also specializes in pre-cost accounting for customers, make market information analysis, plant design and planning to make machine work perfect. Our factory is responsible for customer, hmep customers master equipment operation, maintenance, and other professional knowledge. Our factory also can appoint professional technicians to install, debug, ensure that customers produce qualified products.

If you want peanut chikki machine price and chikki making machine videos, just feel free to send us inquiry.

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